Dear Black People: Fall in Line and Don’t Be Offended

Well ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden has done it again. During an interview with Charlamagne the God, the former Vice President stated, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” As if we needed another example of the Democratic Party taking the black vote for granted, Joe Biden delivers more proof. But who could blame him for that comment? That’s what most people believe anyway. To make matters worse, people are defending his comments.

It’s common knowledge that any Democratic who seeks the nomination or presidency is heavily reliant on the support of the African American community. You would think with that in mind, they would do a better job appealing to us right? Too bad that’s false. The Democratic Party has failed to deliver a black agenda time and time again while we continue to aimlessly support them. That hasn’t gotten us much. So here we are once again, being asked to throw our support to a heavily flawed candidate because the other candidate is more flawed.

The even more gross thing is seeing all the people defending Joe Biden’s comments. Symone Sanders (Biden’s Senior Advisor) refused to even acknowledge that Biden made a mistake. Instead, she took the typical deflection route and pointed out Biden’s record. As if that makes the situation any better. Jemele Hill took it a step further and said Biden’s statement was accurate and people are vilifying Joe Biden, because he’s Joe Biden. These are just a couple of examples of countless African Americans defending Joe Biden. Their argument is that we’re not allowed to be offended by Joe Biden because Donald Trump has said worse. This is just like saying we’re not allowed to talk about police brutality because of black on black crime.

This is one of the fundamental issues with the current Democratic Party. Their hatred for Donald Trump has allowed them to overlook any misgivings amongst their own party. Whenever Biden offends anybody the response is always “Trump said something worse.” Even if that’s true, it’s ridiculous to think we can’t criticize Biden as long as Trump is in office. People like Jemele Hill and Symone Sanders can’t have it both ways. They can’t call out Republicans then back down from calling out Democrats just because they want Trump out of office. If you really care about the black community, you’ll call out everyone. It’s completely irresponsible for Hill to suggest any black person who votes for Trump is anti-black. This is the exact type of rhetoric that is plaguing the Democratic party now. If you don’t fall in line, you’re pro Trump. If you criticize Joe Biden, you want Trump re-elected. I’m far from a Trump supporter and I’ll be damned if I allow any mob mentality to force me to be ok with a mediocre Democratic nominee. Although I do intend to vote for Biden, we can’t let him or the Dems get away with this foolishness any longer.   

Why are black people always asked to fall in line? Why are black people always asked to take a back seat and just go along for the ride? Simple answer…because we let them. Our lack of political engagement has led to this. Even if the comment was a joke, the fact that Joe Biden was even comfortable enough to say it shows the arrogance of the Democratic party. We all know that’s exactly what they think about the black vote. They know no matter what they say or do, they have it in the bag. I didn’t write this to advise black people on who to vote for. I just want us to use our common sense and intelligence. I want us to stop going with the flow without demanding things. For far too long, we have given the Democratic Party our loyalty free of charge. I say it’s about time they bring something to the table. Let’s change the narrative. Joe Biden said if you don’t vote blue “you ain’t black.” So for the love of God, can we please redefine what it means to be black in politics?

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  1. The problem is white Democrats. They are tone deaf. They want to be part of the struggle so bad they don’t acknowledge their own white privilege. Why were they wearing African garbs a couple weeks ago? Why did
    Hillary show up to the Breakfast Club years ago to show off the hot sauce in her purse? You are absolutely right, it is up to the BIPOC dems like Symone Sanders to check them when they’re wrong. They don’t OWN the black vote, and to suggest they do literally means they don’t have to work for it.

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