The Overreach To Racism/Sexism To Explain The Harris V.P Dilemma

Harris is now trailing and people are looking for any reason to blame discrimination.

For a long time, Senator Kamala Harris was thought to be the favorite to become Joe Biden’s running mate. However, there have been multiple reports that people in Biden’s camp are attempting to derail Harris’s ascension. Instead of looking at the actual details as to why this may be the case, people would rather declare racism and sexism. Kamala Harris definitely has forces within the Biden team that wants her nowhere near the VP position. However, racism and sexism are not the answers as to why.

Full disclosure, I was not a fan of Kamala Harris during the primaries. She never had to answer for her criminal justice record. But I do believe she would be an excellent VP for a Joe Biden administration. She checks all the boxes. Harris is highly intelligent, well-spoken, a great debater, and knows how to execute an objective. If I’m Biden, this is the perfect candidate to carry a heavy workload when it comes to running the country. A betting man would have had Harris as the clear favorite. Now that all has changed. The question at hand is why.  

As expected, there was online outrage about this situation. With anger comes ignorant takes. The narrative has now become the White men in Joe Biden’s circle are out to get Kamala Harris in the name of discrimination. They can’t fathom a Black woman having such a significant role within an administration. One could argue the fact that Congresswomen Karen Bass and Val Demings are moving up the list. But people have an answer for that as well. They are on the rise up because they are more likable, and White people love Black women who are quiet and pleasant. These are the assumptions that often get us nowhere. Racism does exist in politics. This is not a case of that. Crying out racism is always easier than looking at the entire scope of the situation.

In my opinion, the real reason Kamala Harris is facing pushback stems from the fact she eviscerated Joe Biden during the debate. The infamous “that little girl was me” moment absolutely steamrolled Biden, and post-debate polls showed just that. Biden’s camp realizes that moment could have cost him the election, and they have not forgotten it. This is a stupid reason not to consider Harris. In fact, that killer instinct is the precise reason why you should pick her. She has that seek and destroy mentality. That’s what you need on any team. Harris not only killed Biden on the debate stage multiple times, but she also had t-shirts ready to sell immediately. I love it. What’s stopping her is a group of bitter old politicians stuck in their ways. Not racism and not sexism.

Do you know what the hilarious part about this entire situation is? Remember when Joe Biden told Charlamagne if a Black person votes for Donald Trump, then “you ain’t black”? Practically everyone ran to Biden’s defense, arguing that we shouldn’t be offended because Trump has said worse. That has been a stark theme of the Biden campaign. No matter your concerns, you’re expected to hold the line and tolerate whatever is needed to get Trump out of office. When Black people were offended, we were not allowed to express our grievances. The second a report comes out about Kamal Harris losing ground, we are quick to ride the discrimination wave. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t tell Black people not to be offended when their Blackness is questioned, then, later on, declare racism/sexism when you’re not getting your way.

These days online, everything is some form of discrimination. God forbid you lay any criticism towards a Black woman. Elizabeth Warren has been popular among progressive and moderate democrats. The second it appeared as though she’s now ahead of Kamala Harris, people are now looking for any way to discredit her. It’s somewhat ironic that we accuse others of being divisive while we are quick to attack each other the moment we don’t approve of what’s happening. Two things won’t be going away anytime soon; false racism and hypocrisy.

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