Once Again, Black People Are Asked To Vote for Diversity, Not Results

Black People were told a Black President would cure our ailments. Will we fall for that again?

The cat is finally out of the bag. Joe Biden has chosen Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate, making her the First Black Woman to be selected for the position. Now, Democratic Twitter is rejoicing over the fact that history will be made, and the world will be saved. If you are an African American, this seems oddly familiar. We received this same type of messaging when Barack Obama was nominated to become the next President of The United States. Democrats wanted Black people to believe the savior had come, and now, they want to do it again.

            First and foremost, congratulations to Kamala Harris. As I previously stated, I think she is the perfect pick for Joe Biden’s administration. They align well politically, and she can get the tasks done. That being said, all of the hype around Harris can be summed up in one statement “As a Black woman.” Qualifications aside, voters, strategists, and pundits alike kept circling back to this. This VP pick was about checking the diversity box and securing the Black vote.

Now that the VP selection is over, now comes the part where Black People are supposed to rally around this candidacy to ensure we defeat Donald Trump. Just like we rallied around Barack Obama to ensure his victories. Let’s take a look back. Obama’s gimmick was that hope would lead the way. Within the Black community, we were led to believe that Obama was the chosen one. He would be the President to bring African American issues to the forefront and finally address them. I was in my living room in 2008 when he defeated Senator John McCain. My family was excited. An impromptu block party started outside. Everyone felt like there was something to believe in again. That our voices will be heard and someone who knows what it’s like to be Black in America would do something about the state of Black America. This was the case in 2008 and in 2012, when I voted for the first time.

When Black people look back, many of us have the same feeling. Despite our optimism, there was no significant change for us that happened under Obama. There isn’t anything that we complained about pre-Obama, that we stopped complaining about post- Obama. The only thing you may say is that we stopped complaining about not having a Black president. Black people still complain about policing, the criminal justice system, lack of economic opportunities, and so much more. If you leave it to the Democrats, they’ll have you thinking all of these issues started under President Trump. The fact of the matter is that there has never been a Black agenda. African American issues get passed around each administration like a hot potato.

So here we are again. Trump is President, and all hope for Black people will be lost unless we vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe Biden is a man who has time and time again, blatantly fumbled the ball with Black issues. Don’t believe me? You can ask Kamala Harris herself. During the debates, she rightfully called out Biden for his past policies and statements. Who could forget the now infamous “You ain’t Black” comment. When it comes to Harris, she still never answered for her criminal justice record. Some of the issues we are facing now with the police, Harris has supported. There are significant dealings within her career that should be striking to Black people. With her record, if she were White, there would be considerable outrage.

If you were to go on Twitter, the narrative is already there. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will answer the prayers of Black America. They will pick up where Obama left off and take us to new heights. Now, if you ask me, I believe Black people have to come together, create a plan, and follow through on that plan if we want to do better. The reason  why other communities thrive is due to the fact that they make their communities election proof. Meaning no matter who wins, the foundation stays intact, and they continue to prosper. That’s what we are lacking. Democrats are reliant on the Black vote, so every four years, they’ll continue to package their candidates as the ones to get us where we need to go. Once we vote, they’ll deliver empty promises.

As has been the theme of the election cycle, no matter what happens, Black people are going to be asked to suck it up and hold it down. We will be told Trump is worse and better days are ahead. If a White man expresses criticism, he will be called a racist. If a Black man does so, he will be called anti-Black. All I’m asking from the Black community is to be consistent. If the Biden Administration takes office, do not let them off the hook. I don’t care if the entire ticket was Black. Stop falling for these symbolic victories. Neither party deserves our vote until they bring value to the table. No more hope, no more empty promises, and no more false narratives. We want results.

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  1. Making your community election proof is right. Both parties make promises they don’t act on, it’s really up to the communities to make change. Literally the only thing attractive here is that we might have the first female VP, pretty much what we’re voting for here. Well played by Biden 😩

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