Another Election, Another Round of Empty Promises

Same story, different candidates.

So here we are again. All eyes are now on Georgia as Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will look to fend off challengers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The balance of power in the Senate is on the line. After President-Elect Joe Biden pulled off the upset in the red state, Dems now believe they have a legitimate shot at winning both senate seats. In a surprise to no one, African Americans are again asked to help take the Democrats to the promised land with no tangible rewards in return. 

We’ve seen the cycle before. We are asked to rally around the Democrats with nothing in return. Instead of being promised real results, we’re sold on the fear if the Republican candidate wins. Even celebrities have gotten in on the cycle for this race. Many of them are pushing the same boogeyman narrative. Black voters in Georgia are asked to vote while everyone else around the country is invited to support any resources.

First, we were told not to be offended by anything involving Joe Biden because once he becomes President, things will get better. Now, we need to win the Senate before things get better. There will be no fundamental changes whether the Senate turns blue or not. The only difference will be whether or not Biden gets to use the excuse of Mitch McConnel.

Truth be told, I’m rooting for the Democratic candidates in this race. Kelly Loeffler benefited from insider information while people suffered, and David Perdue has no problem outsourcing jobs away from American citizens. Neither of them deserves to be senators as far as I’m concerned. My more significant issue though, is the idea of Black people’s lives are on the line.

No one is going to save us but ourselves. We need to stop pretending that we hold any real influence or power in politics. That will never be the case as long as the Democratic Party believes they have our vote in the bag.

So now what? What if the Democrats do indeed win the Senate and control all three branches? Will our time finally come. Will we get what is owed? I doubt it, but only time will tell. I know one thing though; all of these politicians and celebrities are shoving this election down our throats must hold this upcoming administration to the fire. Whether Georgia is a victory or defeat, It’s time the Democrats pay what they owe.

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