Keep That Same Energy

You can't have it both ways. We demand the same reaction.

Welp, what a year it has been already. A couple of days ago, MAGA decided to storm our Nation’s Capitol and ransack the place. All across our screens, we seen windows broken, walls climbed, and even congress members’ offices turned upside down.

Now, if you let the media tell it, this was a genuinely shocking and horrifying scene.  But, to the eyes of the melanated, nothing surprised us. It was fascinating watching it unfold live. I’ve gotten so used to the narratives bestowed upon predominantly black protest.

Let’s take the summer, for example. During the George Floyd protest, BLM and other people took the streets to demand justice and express their outrage. Protesters were labeled thugs, criminals, anarchists, and so much more. Now there were instances where intruders tried to hijack the movement for their gain and damaged property and assaulted people. Instead of pointing that out separately, the entire movement was brushed over. They sat there as if the main issue was the rioting/looting.

When it came to MAGA storming the Capitol, that same conservative media tried to justify and humanize the situation. They wanted us to recognize the passion they had. How they were angry for a reason. They also said it’s not right to paint the entire protest with the same brush because of what unfolded inside the Capitol. Sounds familiar? When it came to the summer protest, everyone involved were thugs. Now, these are just American Patriots who are upset about the election. Even certain GOP senators took the cowardly route. Let’s be clear about another thing. I condemned the violence and the vandalism in the summer, just like I do now. But, at least with the George Floyd protest, they were reacting to something that actually happened. That entire shit show in D.C was caused by an incompetent, selfish man who has been feeding people baseless claims. Now, we have to live with those consequences.

The most glaring difference in the approach to the Capitol attack was the police presence. When it came to the summer, the National Guard was on standby. They had police everywhere and even had tanks in the streets. These damn MAGA people practically strolled up in the Capitol with little resistance. There was no shame. They didn’t wear masks to hide their identity. They were smiling. They were joyful. They were even comfortable enough for photo ops. All of this led to little arrest so far. During the summer, Donald Trump flash banged crowds so he can take a photo in front of a church. On Wednesday, domestic terrorists felt free to enter the Capitol and make themselves at home. The hypocrisy is ridiculous. ¬†You can’t have it both ways. One group can’t be thugs while the other group is patriots. We need to put an end to the contradictions. This “whataboutism” culture needs to come to an end.

These people dared to call Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling disrespectful to the flag and country. Do you know what’s really disrespectful to the country? Storming the Capitol Building. Do you know what’s really disrespectful? Bringing a fucking confederate flag into the ultimate symbol of democracy.

I don’t ever want to hear about the rules for peaceful protest again. I’m tired of the contradictions. This country better not give money to other countries or send our troops somewhere in the name of democracy ever again. We can’t even get our shit together here.

I want people arrested. I want the people responsible for the death of the officer in jail. I want names and I want the accountability.

So the next time you witness a march for a tragedy in the Black community (which is inevitable), KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY.

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