Bill Cosby’s Freedom Is Not A Victory For Black America

There are many Black victims of the criminal justice systems. Bill Cosby is not one of them.

On Tuesday, June 29th, the Pennsylvania supreme court overturned the conviction of serial rapist Bill Cosby by a vote of 6-1. While from a legal perspective, you can argue this was the right decision, it’s still another dark moment in the ongoing plight of sexual assault victims. Cosby will now freely walk the street while many victims have their small moments of victory snatched from them. Perhaps equally disgusting is the outpouring of support for Cosby within the Black community. 

            To be clear, Bill Cosby was not exonerated for his crimes. The reasoning behind him getting off dates back to 2005. Bruce Castor (funny enough, Castor was the same bizarre lawyer representing Trump during his impeachment for the capitol riot) gave Cosby essentially an agreement stating that if he testified in a civil case involving a victim by the name of Andrea Constand, then he will not be prosecuted under the case of the crime. This agreement sealed the deal that led to the supreme court overturning it. In regards to the legality of the matter, it was the right call. However, it just doesn’t sit right. Bill Cosby admitted to drugging a woman with quaaludes and raping her. There have been countless stories from several women. They all tell the tale of being drugged and raped. Young women were a primary target of Cosby. He not only tried to get close to them, but he would also try to befriend their mothers. There were promises of tuition, opportunities, and other gifts. There was plenty of evidence out there. Now, Bill Cosby is a free man. To make matters worse, not only did the supreme court overturn this decision, but they also ruled against a retrial. This means Cosby cannot be tried again for the crime. He essentially walks away from his crimes with no worries. 

As awful as this is, I’d be remiss if I don’t address the reaction of many people within the Black community. Not only were people celebrating, but they also had the audacity to call this a victory in the fight against racial injustice. Even celebrities joined in at the party. Phylicia Rashad turned into the aunt who won’t call the cops on the uncle but will not let you visit. Apparently, a serial rapist getting away with his crimes is a win if he’s Black. Black people choose to die on some of the most bizarre hills. All the problems we have, all the people we should rally behind, and you decided Bill Cosby? This just reeks of the Oj Simpson trial. Black people didn’t care whether he did it or not. They just wanted to see a popular Black athlete man get away with murder. I understand that they are sick of the amount of wrongfully convicted African Americans wrapped in the criminal justice system. Those are the ones we should rally behind. We should not be putting on our pom-poms for a man who has victimized so many women.   You can even hear the sins from the horse’s mouth. In a 1991 interview with Larry King, Cosby tells the tale of drugs that make it easier to sleep with women. There were so many signs. Yet, Black people want to believe all this happened because Cosby wanted to purchase NBC. I don’t understand some of the conspiracy theories that Black people have so much conviction in. This entire situation is an embarrassment. I can only hope we rise to be better than this. But, I fear that time is nowhere near. I am left questioning precisely what time of criminal justice are some members of the Black community seeking. 

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