Tiara Mack: One Step Forward, Two Twerks Back 

State Senator Tiara Mack unapologetically twerks for votes and faces backlash from both sides of the aisle.

Welp, we knew it was only a matter of time before politicians found another way to embarrass her. Although I must say, I did not anticipate it would be via busting it open on the beach. Rhode Island state Senator Tiara Mack posted a TikTok video in which she proceeds to perform a headstand and start twerking. The video ends with her saying, “vote, Senator Mack.” As you might imagine, this “political ad” did not go over well.

Amid the backlash of her video, Senator responded by calling her critics racist and homophobic because she’s a Black woman and a member of the LGBTQ community. No senator, it has nothing to do with that. We just rather people in power who are supposed to represent the people not go upside down and gyrate in the name of political office. I’m all for doing things in your personal time. Everyone is entitled to some level of privacy. Whether you a celebrity, politician, or an everyday civilian. However, when you hold a position of power and influence, when your peers have used their vote to elect you and place their faith in you to better the quality of their lives, that privilege comes with responsibilities. You must carry yourself with the knowledge that you represent a cause bigger than yourself. When you become an elected official, it’s no longer just about you. With every action, you must consider how this will affect your standing and the people you were elected to serve.

Again, I have no problem with Mack twerking on her own time. But, when you choose to post it on social media and add a political undertone to it, it becomes a selfish act. Mack also said she recently created her TikTok account to raise awareness of women’s rights. No problem there. TikTok has become a very influential platform. However, when you’re shaking your ass, any message you are trying to send will be lost immediately. During an interview, Mack was asked how she felt with some people suggesting actions like this makes Black people take steps back. She responded by saying she’s not a fan of having to fit in a specific mold to be respected. She has a point. I would argue, though, that a person in her position has a duty to present herself appropriately for her role. In specific ways, she is a face of Black politics. With all the issues Black people go through from a political standpoint alone, we do not need to deal with this.

I will give Senator Mack credit for one thing; she was able to unite both sides of the political aisle. No one is talking about Tiara Mack, the Ivy League graduate of Brown University or national rugby champion. They are talking about Tiara Mack, the Senator on the beach, shaking her ass for votes. Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure people have been saying unjust and awful things about Mack since the video came out. I do not condone that whatsoever. I wish she handled things differently. I get tired of saying this when it comes to our people, but I’ll repeat it: We gotta do better……

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